Give Diplomacy a Chance

The response to the Iranian nuclear deal in the United States has been surreal. The media is talking about the risks of the deal, but as I point out in my blog today for Sojourners, the terms of the agreement favor the U.S.

Under the terms of the deal Iran agrees to:

  • freeze its stockpile of low enriched uranium and halt the installation and operation of additional centrifuges;
  • halt enrichment to higher levels and render its existing supplies of higher enriched uranium unsuitable for further enrichment; and
  • halt the development of its heavy water reactor at Arak.

Verification and monitoring of the Iran nuclear program will increase significantly. The sanctions relief offered to Iran is temporary and can be reversed if Tehran reneges on any part of the deal.

The agreement limits Iran’s nuclear program and increases its transparency. From a U.S. perspective, what’s not to like?

Let’s contact our Senators and demand that they give diplomacy a chance. Urge them to oppose any further sanctions as long as Iran complies with the agreement.

3 thoughts on “Give Diplomacy a Chance

  1. Thank you for intrest in peace.

    It is certainly logical to stay above and clear of the politics Iran regime may apply to win popularity in Iran by using new sactions. The complexity of situation is seen more clearly when one sees the dilemma the Iran hardliners feel in reaching an accord with the west being against the only character setting them aside with the rest of the world which is being in disaccord with the west. I read somewhere changing to oposit of one thing will destroys the thing.We hope this is seen at high levels of decision makers At best after the willingness is persuaded it would needs time , pressure, patients and changing of posts and poistions in high levels. The reaction of the regime in Iran to keep the substance of the ideology is to enforce the Islamic superficial values which is somewhat agaist the Human Rights the west has in mind.In the shoes of Iranian people we hope the time is not too long both in terms of pressures of the current sanctions and given time the forces against such an accord now in its fragile state. Keeping close eye on the nuke program should be top of the list as protection for the fragile accord.

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