• Afghanistan – Strategies for ending the war, enhancing security, and ensuring women’s rights in Afghanistan.
  • Citizen Soldiers – Accounts of low-ranking soldiers advocating peace and democratic rights, rooted in my experiences as an antiwar soldier during the Vietnam era.
  • Counterterrorism – Options for cooperative non-military means of countering terrorism and preventing violent extremism.
  • Denuclearization – The changing nature of the nuclear danger and the challenges of nonproliferation and global disarmament.
  • Iraq and Iran – Studies from the 1990s to the present on sanctions and war in Iraq and the challenges of sanctions and nonproliferation in Iran.
  • Peace History – The history of social movements in opposing war and demanding nuclear disarmament.
  • Sanctions and Security – Extensive writings and studies on UN Security Council policy and the use of sanctions and incentives as instruments of international peacemaking.